“It’s Complicated” is the worst thing you can say, out loud, to describe your social life

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“It’s Complicated” is the worst thing you can say, out loud, to describe your social life


You need to know that the world interprets this answer as meaning one of two things.


A.      “I am having sex with different people and I am too immature to want to decide about commitment”


 B.      I am like an alcoholic, or I actually am an alcoholic, about relationships. I just mood-swing through different pheromones and brain chemicals, and can’t really think beyond that”

None of these are good for your brand.

So, really, really know that “it’s complicated” means that relationships are too much for you and people should avoid you. This is not a good message to be sending to the world. It makes you look flaky and unattractive.

If you want to just have sex with who-ever you want to, when-ever you want to, you should say you are “Polyamorous”.  That, at least, is a thing that people can understand.

If you are simply traumatized by intimate connection, and avoid commitment, then you might try joining the group One Taste, also known as OM Workshops or Orgasmic Massage. These are sexual stimulation workshops started by women who were abused by family members. Many of the women, who participate in these workshops, are women who are in sexual shock and need an outlet. Men pay $150.00, to put rubber gloves on, and are taught how to make you orgasm with their finger on the upper corner of your clitoris. Then the men leave. You get an orgasm and the men go away afterwards. The men get no sex, you get an orgasm. For $15,000.00, you can buy a franchise in OM and get trained on how to teach others to do it and charge money in a benign sexual pyramid scheme. You can make money, get orgasms, and train other ladies to do the same and make a commission off it. You can read more about them online under the search terms: “One Taste Orgasmic Massage”, “OM Sexual Communities” and “Nichole Orgasmic Massage”.

In San Francisco, another approach is a series of nightclubs, exampled by one called “Mission Control”, this is a sexual nightclub. Look that one, or “Kinky Salon”, “HAI Human Awareness Institute” or “San Francisco Thunderdome”, up online for more details.

There are, of course, the other usual terms, aside from “It’s Complicated”. These include: “I just hook-up”, “I have a boyfriend”, or “I am engaged”.

The most often used phrases is “I am just dating”. This means, if you are female, that you let different people take you out and feed you and you have sex with the most attractive ones, if you are not too burned out from last night. In the case of men, it means you feed half the single women in town and try to get laid.

So, there you have it. Don’t say “it’s complicated!”


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